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USMEDIASEOIf you want to be the next big thing on the internet, you gotta have what all those big creators have when they started out—skills and attitude. Mark Z of Facebook didn’t start out in scratch and he knew what he was doing when he started the networking site. You should to. And to make it big in the competition, you should know that readership is king. But there are some complications because in the online world, you don’t just rise because you are good. You will land the top because you know how to play the game on the World Wide Web. In short, you need to know how to gain popularity through SEO.

SEO is simply search engine optimization. It is the art of getting the attention of the search engines, which is actually what makes the search results and sites ahead one another depending on their reputation. It can also be a science with the help of some internet and SEO tools available right on the web itself. These materials can help you get to know every search engine algorithm or what makes it tick to index and rank your site. Only when it does this on your site can your business rise to the ranks and become an authority site. But being ranked doesn’t keep you there, so make sure that you abide by the algorithm to keep rising until your site is part of the top 5 of search engine results page (SERP). These are the links that visitors usually click and follow.

Search Engine Optimization 101

Search engine optimization or SEO allows you to manipulate the SERP to your preference. All you have to do is track the words (keywords) used by surfers and net users when they search for something on the net. This tool may be for free or with premium, but if you are serious in getting the best result for your SEO, you should consider buying an upgradeable keyword tracking tool. This will help you identify the keyword that most searchers use when looking for a particular product or service on a niche. You can use this keyword to form your page title, your subtitles, meta tags and contents. If you already have them, you can always edit these entries to comply with the latest algorithm of the search engine.

Now that your site is optimized to the preference of the search engine, the next time a searcher types in on the same keyword, the search engine will eventually find out the keywords on your site, index it and rank for the SERP. If you are good in SEO, your site will be at least at the first page of the SERP or better, at the top 5 where most visitors click for a visit. This is the crucial part as visitors can flag your site if you do not live up to the promise of your site.

You can get negative comments which can be reason enough for the search engine to penalize you. If you have the right contents on your site, these visitors will immediately prefer your site and will visit it next time or even refer you to friends and network. This is how you earn the reputation of an authority site.

US Media sEOBut that is just one part of SEO and it is called on-page optimization. The other one is the off-page SEO, which is basically link building from one reputable site to another. This works as the more authority sites linked to you or you link your site to, the search engine bots or spiders will eventually crawl your site, index and rate you. The more links, the better, but be wary of penalized sites as these can also bring your site down.

Another off-page SEO is the forum posting and site commenting. In these techniques, you make threads or join threads and comments so you can leave a thread to your site. The more clicks your site gets, the higher the possibility for it to attract the search engine bots and spiders to crawl it for SERP. To keep this straight though, you need to make sure that the sites and forums you leave links on are relevant or you might earn some negative comments from visitors.

What can Go Wrong?

The algorithm of every search engine changes every time, so it can actually mess up your site’s reputation and ranking. That is what this site is all about. US Media SEO is developed to give you updates of the latest in optimization as well as all other significant information from the World Wide Web. For more details about our services and products, you can use our contact page for your queries or give us a call on our hotline. We guarantee that our reliable and highly qualified staff awaits to give you accurate answers.

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